Problem faced by indian farmers and suggestions essay

In our country, the farmers have got small plots of land and the plots of a cultivator are situated at different places.

Reduction in the supply of fire wood and increasing demand for fuel in the rural areas due to increase in population has further complicated the problem. Agriculture works out profitably where the size of the land is medium to large to benefit from the economies of large scale production.

Even at present there are lakhs of villages which are not well connected with main roads or with market centres. A lot of time and labour is wasted in moving seeds, manure, implements and cattle from one piece of land to another.

At present there are number of agencies engaged in warehousing and storage activities. Thus increase in the consumption of fertilizers is a barometer of agricultural prosperity.

So they must be given free and compulsory primary education.

10 Major Agricultural Problems of India and their Possible Solutions

Inappropriate use of fertilizers and pesticides also causes lack of nutrients in the soil that are necessary for healthy agricultural productivity. In small villages most of the labors have fled to city to earn a better livelihood. Timely and sufficient availability of credit on regular basis is one of the enabling factors that are responsible for high agricultural output.

Hence the farmers should join together and till their land with tractors. The Indian seed industry had exhibited impressive growth in the past and is expected to provide further potential for growth in agricultural production: We had to buy food crops from other countries at a very high price.

Essay on farmers in India

Essay on farmers in India Article shared by An essay on farmers in India. The seemingly abundance of net sown area of In most cases, it is not the lack of water but the lack of proper management on the government's part that causes water shortage.

This can be done if the condition of the farmers can be improved. The big land owners in most places do not lend a helping hand to struggling farmers, in most cases, they grab the benefits which are otherwise meant for the poor farmers.

We cannot describe what miserable life they lead.Read this essay specially written for you on “The Indian Farmer” in Hindi language. Home ›› Related Essays: Imaginative Essay on “If I were a Farmer”in Hindi Essay on the Farmer in Hindi Sample Essay on “Indian Farmer” in Hindi Speech on Indian Farmer in Hindi.

Essay on “The Indian Farmer”. Scarcity of water is a major problem faced by the farmers.

Agricultural Techniques in India and the condition of farmers, Comment.

India is home to 16% of the world’s population and it is endowed with only 4% of the total available fresh water (Division ). Essay on Indian Agriculture and Its Problems Subrat Mangaraj There was a time when small plots of land, cultivated by individual farmers who followed age-old methods, summed up the position of Indian agricultural system.

There is the problem of agricultural indebtedness. Earlier there was a problem for some credit for farmers, now it is easy to some extent.

Farmers' suicides in India

So the credit is not a problem for the farmers but after production there is, because of not having adequate storage facility some perishable vegetables farmers cannot store it for longer times.

This is a short presentation discussing the problems faced by farmers of India, and the possible solutions to it. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Short Essay on Life of a Farmer. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On June 28, By Team Work.

Also read: Poor Condition of Farmers in India. Conclusion: Most of the farmers are simple, hard-working, sincere and honest people. They always remain at the mercy of nature and God.

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Problem faced by indian farmers and suggestions essay
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